For Individuals Who Belong to Subscribing Institutions

Out of respect for the creative process and in recognition of the intellectual property issues involved, IRMS will maintain the highest of ethical standards in our lending policies for our licensed resources.

For some time now it has been the policy of Iowa Religious Media Services to loan resources at no charge to individuals who belong to congregations who have purchased an annual subscription. It is the assumption of IRMS that these resources are only for the personal use of the borrowing individual.

In response to an increasing number of requests by individuals to use resources borrowed from IRMS through a church membership in that individual’s work environment, IRMS affirms that we will not knowingly provide resources for use in this context. Such usage is outside the scope of the licensing arrangements made between IRMS and the publishers of our resources at the time of purchase.

Likewise, an individual associated with a non-subscribing institution is barred from checking out resources for usage at a non-subscribing institution through another church’s subscription.

Logos Productions

Come Join the Circle

Complete, self-contained, reproducible Rotation model curriculum materials for ages 3-12


Faith Weaver Now

Graded Bible study resources for infant through adults using the same texts/stories. Sequentially covers the Bible in three years, thirteen biblical events per quarter.

Hands On Bible Blitz

Flexible (and age or size group) children’s curriculum based on the Hands On Bible


Six year curriculum for junior high (two years) and senior high (four years) youth

GenOn Ministries (Logos)

GenOn is the new name for Logos.  Multiple free materials related to Logos programs can be downloaded from  the GenOn/Logos website.Â

IRMS has a Church Resource and Administrator Manual (CRAM) and samples of the Faith for Life resources for children and youth ministries


Variety of adult participatory Bible study resources.  Sample sessions available on-line at www.kerygma.com.

Faith Inkubators

Bible Song

Multiple grades and settings for pre-school to adult and family including confirmation; multi-dimensional learning. IRMS has multiple CD samples available for Inkubator resources.

Woodlake Publishing, Inc


Faith formation curriculum for adult small groups.  IRMS has an overview and sampler.


The Thoughtful Christian

Web-based downloadable thematic resources for adult study in a variety of settings.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Bible-based, Montessori approach faith formation resources for children ages 3-5.

Godly Play

IRMS has two books (BK 405 and BK 1219) and a set of training videos (VT4982-84) on Godly Play. All these resources may be checked out. Godly Play is a flexible, Montessori model approach to religious education for Pre-school through grade six; eight volumes plus Parent Pages.

Veggie Tales Veggie Connections

Complete Kit of lesson plans and materials for 52 weeks; for elementary ages, any size church, any setting.


Rotation model curriculum for six years. Over 600 lessons on Cds with up to 11 lessons for each story.  Adaptable for rotation model Sunday School, VBS, mid-week, intergenerational events, or family camp. IRMS has a preview set consisting of two CDs, a study guide, and a sample lessons on the Jesse Tree.

The Potter’s Workshop (The Potter’s Workshop)

Rotation Model Sunday School

Beulah Land (Beulah Enterprises)

Flexible, multi-age and multiple setting resources for ages 3-10

Children’s Ministries of America (CMA)

Manual for multi-dimensional learning experiences

Mustard Seed Series (Curriculum Development Associates)

Preview Kit for gr. K-9.

Growing into a Life of Faith (Promiseland/Willow Creek Associates)

CD-based, 52-week Sunday School curriculum for children in large or small group settings. IRMS has a sample. Full information, including overview and sample sessions, available on-line at www.PromiselandOnline.com.

The Wounded Spirit

Video curriculum for late elementary to high school

Highway Visual Curriculum

Multiple-DVD series for middle and high school youth. May be checked out: DVD 154-57.

The Way of the Child (The Upper Room)

IRMS has a sampler CD

Companions in Christ (The Upper Room)

Small group resources for adult spiritual formation